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The Chico Chamber of Commerce is the home to the Chico Visitor Center - A treasure trove of information that serves as your gateway to discovering all that Chico has to offer.

Whether you're a resident seeking new adventures or a visitor eager to explore our beautiful city, the Chico Visitor Center is your go-to resource for comprehensive insights into Chico's rich culture, diverse attractions, and exciting events. Immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge housed within these walls, and let our expert staff guide you through an exploration of our flourishing community.

From hidden gems to well-known landmarks, the Chico Visitor Center is your key to unlocking the full potential of your Chico experience.

Welcome to a place where information meets inspiration, and every visitor leaves with a deeper connection to the extraordinary offerings of Chico, California.

Moving to Chico

As a city renowned for its natural beauty, cultural diversity, and thriving local economy, Chico stands as an enticing destination for those considering relocation.

The Chico Chamber of Commerce extends a warm welcome to potential residents by offering comprehensive relocation packets, meticulously curated to provide a thorough understanding of all facets of life in our charming city. These relocation packets serve as an invaluable resource, encapsulating essential information ranging from housing options and educational institutions to recreational opportunities and community services.

By offering a holistic view of what Chico has to offer, the Chamber of Commerce aims to make the transition to our community seamless and enjoyable for those embarking on this exciting journey. Whether you're drawn to our bustling downtown, serene parks, or the warmth of our community spirit, Chico eagerly awaits the chance to become your new home.

Welcome to Chico

Visiting Chico

When you visit Chico, it’s easy to see there’s something special about it, and if you ask residents what gives the city its unique flavor, each will likely give you a completely different answer. There’s a lot to love here, which is why it’s a favorite place to so many people.

And maybe that’s the secret: it’s a city so bountiful, it finds a way to speak to everyone. From a vibrant array of restaurants and handcrafted treats to shopping, art, music, and some of Northern California’s best hiking, Chico has enough to find its way into the heart of every visitor.


Chico Resources

Check out these other useful resources, perfect for learning more about what Chico has to offer.

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