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Mission and History


Since 1938, the Chico Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of business through advocacy and support of policies and programs that help our community grow. Our purpose is to leverage the voice of business for community good, becuase we believe that thriving local businesses are the cornerstone of a healthy community...

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chico Chamber of Commerce is a local, 501(c)6 non-profit organization whose goal is to support local businesses through promoting and protecting the interests of it's members.

The organization is funded through membership fees, sponsorships, and events. It can serve as a valuable resource for businesses seeking to navigate the challenges of the business world, stay informed about industry trends, and engage with the broader business community.

Essentially, the Chamber of Commerce plays a crucial role in fostering economic development, supporting businesses, and enhancing the overall business environment.


Key Functions

  • Advocacy: Representing the interests of businesses to government bodies and advocating for policies that support economic growth.
  • Networking: Providing opportunities for businesses to connect and collaborate with each other through events, meetings, and other networking activities.
  • Information and Resources: Offering information, resources, and support to businesses, including market research, business education, and access to relevant data.
  • Promotion: Promoting the local business community and its members through marketing initiatives, events, and other promotional activities.
  • Community Development: Contributing to the overall development of the local community by supporting projects and initiatives that improve the quality of life and business environment.
  • Education and Training: Providing educational programs and training sessions to help businesses develop necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Support for Small Businesses: Offering specific support and resources for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them thrive in the business landscape.
  • Support for Businesses of All Sizes: Offering diverse membership benefits designed to cater to businesses of all shapes an sizes.


Our Advocacy Pillars

We believe a healthy community starts with healthy businesses. By focusing on key areas - economic development advocacy, business engagement, and tourism - we partner with city leaders, community organizations, and local companies to leverage the voice of business for community good.

advocacy pillars
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